DumaWall+ Installation Instructions


The panels may be placed on walls of, for example:

  • Private residences: bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, garage, basement, bedroom, living room.
  • Professional applications: office space, sporting halls, shop areas, bathrooms, kitchen and laundry.
  • Prefab houses: caravans and mobile homes and boats.

The panels are particularly well suited for use in damp areas.

The panels may NOT be installed:

  • Outdoors, on account of possible discolouration and the possibility that the product becomes brittle, unless explicitly stated or shown otherwise on the package insert. In spaces with a temperature in excess of 60°C or lower than -10°C, for example in a sauna or refrigerated area.
  • On walls where the contact temperature may be above 60°C, e.g. on a chimney flue, by a stove or radiators.
  • In poorly ventilated areas.
  • In areas where there is an abnormally high concentration of sulphur (H2S).
  • DumaWall is not suitable for bathroom heaters that blow hot air down the tiled wall. It is recommended that heaters that are angled towards the centre of the room are fitted.

Note: Due to different production processes between the DumaWall XL and DumaWall+ there could be slight colour differences if both products are installed in the same room.

Download full Installation Guide here.

How to install | DumaWall+
How to install | DumaWall+